TAI Flight School, complying with DGCA and international standards and working under TAI, the leading aerospace company in Turkey, aims to meet the military and civilian helicopter training needs of Turkey and the region.

TAI Flight School targeting unsurpassed training standards provides the trainees with flight instructors with long education track records and thousands of hours of flight experience in all weather conditions together with Civil Aviation experts from the TAI infrastructure. 

Trainees can also benefit from the multimedia training tools and the extensive TAI library.

SHG İletişim Bilgileri / Contact Information

Sivrihisar Havacılık Merkezi Yeşilköy Mah. 26600 Sivrihisar / Eskişehir / TÜRKİYE


Telefon: +90 (222) 724 30 31 - 32

     Fax:  +90 (222) 724 30 33

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