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Traditional “Bicycle Race on the Runway” event is going to be organized for the THIRD time this year in SHG 2018.

The race is sorted in two categories: between the ages10-18 and 18+

Participation is open for everyone and medallions, certificates and various rewards will be given to the winners.

The Specification of “Bicycle Race on the Runway”:​

  • The date of the race is 15 September 2018 / Saturday

  • Each participant will attend the race with his/her own bicycle.

  • Race will be held in two categories: between the ages10-18 and 18+

  • Race track is 1000 m.

  • It is obligatory for racers to use helmet and other safety equipment during the race. (Helmet and other safety equipment should be provided by racers)

  • Bicycle brakes must be secure and in good condition. Brake check will be made before the race and those who have not secure brakes will be eliminated.

  • It is obligatory for racers to wear vests and numbers given before the race.

For registration, you can send your information including name, last name, age and phone number to



1: Yasin Ekici

2: Ahmet Çıkıkçı

3: Yusuf Erbaş


1: Numan Koçak

2: Ersel Vatansever

3: Yiğitcan Korul

  RESULTS OF 2017  

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