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Sivrihisar General Aviation Center

Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M), Necati Artan Facilities started its activities as an air park in March 2014. The establishment is founded on approximately 1000 acres of land and the land’s height above the sea level is 2790 feet. The main runway of the airpark is 1810 meters in length and 32 meters in wide. The direction of the runway is 05 to 23. Near the main runway, there is also a lawn runway for the gladers and light aircrafts. There are two apron areas as the”West Apron” and the “East Apron”.

S.U.S.H.M. Phone: +90 (222) 724 30 40 - 41

                        Fax: +90 (222) 724 30 11

Coordinates:  N  39°17'59.29''
                       E  31°29'38.50''
 Artan Tower: 131,625 MHz
                      2790 Feet

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There is FREEDOM in our airpark as long as one obeys the “aviation discipline.” In this respect, S.U.S.H.M. is the FIRST UNIQUE airpark with all these qualities. In addition to the flights of our pilots, parachute jumps and trainings, flight training activities, education and camping activities arranged by academic units, model aircraft trainings and airshows are performed in our airpark. Thus, it is a center where sportive aviation can be comfortably performed. It is also an appropriate place for parachutists and glider pilots.

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